In & Around Goa - Goa sightseeing

As you visit in and around Goa, you come across the beautiful wonders that Goa is dotted with. Be it the forts, galleries, goa churches, museums or temples or various other monuments, or exotic beaches goa tourist attractions. Goa is rich with all the appealing attractions that one seeks in a place like Goa. Goa travel & tourism guide is really vivid just like the tourist place itself. Providing the information about Goa state, the guide immensely helps the tourists in Goa sightseeing and visiting all the tourist places in Goa. The list of some of the prominent places to visit in Goa is given below :

Arvalam Waterfalls :-

arvalam One can spot this enthralling waterfall that lies at a height of 50 meters and makes its way down the mountains. The falls are surrounded with lush greenery of the various trees such as the banana trees as well as the coconut palms. Close to the waterfall, you have the Rudreshwar Temple. In addition, the place is also marked with primitive rock cut caves. The place is considered to be an important picnic spot for tourists.

Fort Aguada :-

fort-aguada This is a huge and enthralling fort delineates the remains of Goa history. In the past, this fort served as a protective shield for the Portuguese. The Portuguese had danger from the Europeans and the Dutch. In the vicinity of this lighthouse, you can find the Caranzalem and Miramar beaches, estuary of the Zuari River, etc.

Budbudyanchi Tali :-

budbudyanchi-tali This is a popular lake in Goa in the vicinity of the Gopinath Temple. The lake is also called as the Bubbles Lake or the tank of bubbles. According to the legends, the lake has bubbles because of the magic of a local deity. However, scientists say that the bubbles are formed due to sulphur dioxide or limestone or methane. However, it is commonly observed that the bubbles become all the more vibrant as you clap with a loud noise.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls :-

dudhsagar The appearance of these scenic waterfalls is milky and its beauty ameliorates the beauty of the mountains from which it flows down. The height of the waterfall is 603 meters. The falls look like the enchanting Garden of Eden. Those who behold this waterfall get glued to this lace completely and therefore, this place is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Goa.

Goa Beaches :-

arjuna-beach-goa Beaches form the major attraction of Goa. The splendid scenery of the beaches gives an amazing respite to the tourists who visit Goa. There are a number of beaches in Goa including Baga Beach, Agonda Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach, Butterfly Beach, Hansa Beach, Miramar Beach, etc. The soft sands and pristine waters along with pleasing surrounding views of the beaches make the Goa Beaches the most significant places to visit in Goa.

Places to visit around Goa

As you get through with your exploration of the sights in Goa, you can make it a point to visit the places around Goa. If you want to visit the places other than beaches because you have had enough of them, then you can head towards the other places that remain unvisited by you. A list of such places is given below :

Gokarna :-

gokarna Gokarna is similar to Goa and stands as its important competitor. It is also referred as the Rudra Yoni. At this place the two rivers named as Gangavali and Aghanashini meet together. Just like Goa, this place is also surrounded with a series of beautiful beaches such as Gokarna Beach, Om Beach, Paradise Beach, Kundle Beach, etc. Gokarna lies at a distance of 132 Km from Goa and is one of the important places to visit around Goa.

Sawantwadi :-

sawantwadi Sawantwadi is surrounded with amazing greenery as well as hills. At this place, you come across stunning wildlife including wild boars, leopards, tigers, etc. as well as a number of trees and herbs. He place is known for its artwork including wooden products, kalasutri, chitrakathi, bamboo work as well as paintings.

Amboli :-

amboli Amboli is one of the much lover hill destination mainly for honeymooners. It is situated in Maharashtra and is marked with a number of hot spots in the vicinity including the Nagatta Falls, Hiranyakeshi Temple, Shirgaonkar, Bauxite Mines, etc.

Kanwar :-

kanwar One can spot this amazing place at the Goa-Karnataka border. It is a spot that has historical significance as it was used as a trading centre to trade with the Dutch, British, Portuguese, etc. The place is marked with a variety of flora and fauna. Here, you can visit the places such as Kanwar Beach, Oyster Rock Lighthouse, Kurumgad Island, etc. This forms one of the best places to visit around Goa.