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Goa Tourist Map

The map of Goa has come under many different rulers in its history. In particular, the Portuguese ruled the Goa region for more than 450 years and in this time the map of Goa has changed fairly considerably. It also means that the smallest state in India has a unique heritage that is unmatched throughout the world. European Christianity literally exists alongside Hindu temples and in many cases the temples and churches even coexist side by side. This unique blend of cultures and religions is one of the reasons why tourism Goa has become so popular.

When it comes to tourism Goa seems to have the upper hand over many other regions of India. As well as combining these two very different cultures it also combines the new with the old. Luxurious new hotels can be found within yards of smaller, traditional guesthouses and expensive, expansive new restaurants within a stone’s throw of quaint cafes.

The tourism of Goa has rocketed over the past 40 years since the travelers and hippies of the 1960s first discovered the wonders of the many Goan beaches. Since then, tourism of Goa has literally taken off. When it comes to Goa tourism India residents as well as nationals from all over the world flock to Goa to view the magnificent remnants of past civilizations and for the extravagant luxuries that the beaches have to offer.

Goa is an incredible journey through centuries of varied rule and unique blends. Whether you choose to visit Goa for the relaxed and friendly locals who enjoy nothing more, apart from a 3 hour siesta maybe, than showing tourists around and helping them make the most of the stay; or you want to laze on the white sands of the beaches listening to the gentle lapping of the sea on the beach then you will find what you are looking for with a stay in Goa.

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